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Autumn 2017


Like so many jewelry artisans, jewelry design and creation has been a passion since childhood for the founder of Novapsis. As a compulsive rock collector with an endless trove of vintage jewelry, she has an eternal inspiration for mixing and matching and making pieces that are truly works of art.

Novapsis™ is also part of The Boutique Project™ which was founded in 2008 to foster the development of women-owned businesses and US artisans.

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Blown Glass Mustard Seed Necklaces -✿- By A Closet In Delirium and Novapsis Turquoise Wrap Bracelets -✿- By The Boutique Project and Novapsis
Mustard Seed
Magnesite Wrap
Scarab Earrings -✿- By  A Closet In Delirium and Novapsis Green Filigree Necklaces -✿- By A Closet In Delirium and Novapsis
Iridescent Scarab
Green Aventurine

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